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Single computer, Multi-user enterprises, Multi-branch companies … There are solutions for every company.
AKEAD® BS – Commercial Software
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Business Solution
Commercial Software including Sales, Marketing, Logistics
AKEAD BS Commercial Software Solution; It is a modern, easy-to-use application designed for companies that want to be successful in their business life, developed in accordance with local laws in the European and African regions. This feature is the first software made by Turks. It is designed to provide solution with the company with its modular structure and sectoral options.

For commercial companies, the speed, the right product and the importance of the customer are increasing day by day. It is possible to meet the expectation of customers and suppliers, to meet the increasing demand besides the difficulty of establishing company loyalty with good analysis. Basically, successful software selection is very important for companies to master all processes.

The priority of the companies that own the business is the customer and the product. The AKEAD customer identification screens are detailed and analyzed and user requests are maturing. This contention applies to product descriptions. It is the two main essentials for companies. It differs from other accounting software by this feature. In particular, customer and product, group identification is very important. This area summarizes all customers and suppliers in 5 divisions.

AKEAD Software’s main screen, top menu, frequently used, action and summary information screen helps the user to gain a view at a glance. You can follow all the business processes of the commercial enterprises. We have also created solutions for companies that have completed the center and branching processes. With the modules developed for AKEAD BS, the operational activities including the company’s product procurement process and shipment planning were controlled.

It is intended to increase the working efficiency of firms that have facilitated expansion of the firm to multiple database connection possibilities. Thus, synchronous and asynchronous operations of the branches are provided.

In particular, the difficulties experienced in centralized management are foreseen, for example, data synchronization, user rights, identification of local devices, monitoring of logs, management of content such as central product, warehouse and customer.

Backup for Firmware is a must. AKEAD offers alternatives to backup. Data backup is done locally and centrally. Platform selection increases safety. The catastrophe scenario is vital for companies.

Current Management
By making a comprehensive database design; Customer – Supplier management is targeted. Depending on the selection of the Customer and the Supplier, individual and company selection is also made. The display is shaped by these choices. Entries made from the information screen contain the kind of choices that you can use for years. With this information, it is aimed to be able to take possession and traceability of your customers.

If we summarize our differences;

Identification of the current card; It’s a field you can group cars with. You can define cars as broken as 5. Fast reporting can be achieved thanks to group logic.

Notes, Warning and Delivery Conditions; you can enter unlimited information in these fields. You will receive your customers notes and warnings and increase your service quality. Delivery information makes your job easier, it helps you to get the right service. You have blocked the mistakes that occurred as a result of scattered notes and non-prosecution.

Contact information; the associated person (s) related to your customer, or the department (s) and the company (s) that determines the company. It is aimed to reach the information about the company and the information to be entered in this field.

Other informations; information such as discount, risk, form of payment, points, bank accounts, financial information, shipment, EDI code are entered in this field.

The Tariflendir; we can make specific product and price definitions for our customer or group. Single, special prices come depending on our product selection while creating the order.

Action; It is a very important part in terms of the follow-up of customers and suppliers. It is a field where we enter negotiations and planned actions with our customers. Sales and marketing activities can be tracked through this section.

Purchases / Sales; we can reach the offer, order, billing information of our customers over the years. At the bottom right of the screen you can see your bids, orders, bill totals, payouts, balances and unpaid bill totals on a single screen.

Statistics; The purchases and sales of customers can be seen on a monthly basis, annually. Total Debt, Credit Limit, Delayed Debt and Average Payment information are displayed below the screen.