Package 1. e-Declaration

Declaration Submission – Declaration Downloading / Archiving
e-Declaration system allows us to connect without the need to enter a password. Once we are connected to the e-Declaration system, we can easily send and receive packets. e-Declaration system to send previously submitted declaration and accrual vouchers with one-touch download and archival benefit. In the E-Declaration system, we can also download and archive all the declarations and accrual fiches registered in the archive. We can also download and archive Income Tax, Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax Tax Base Increase Declarations according to Law No. 6111.
Tax Record Downloading-Archiving
You can download and archive your customers Tax Plates with a single keystroke.
VAT1 Declaration Detail and Control
VAT1 Declarations downloaded from the e-Declaration System are subjected to detailing. On a yearly basis, the VAT1 Tax Bill is calculated on a monthly basis and VAT calculated on the basis of VAT, VAT, VAT, cumulative tax base and credit card sales. The VAT that is transferred is checked on the basis of Cumulative Matrah and Credit Card Sales.
Form BA / BS Reconciliation Letter
Forms BA / BSs are downloaded from the e-Declaration System and subjected to detailing. Confirmation letters can be sent via e-mail to the relevant firm via the details.
Bulk Printing
Downloaded and archived e-statements, accrual receipts, form BA / BSs and Tax Sheets can be printed together with one key.
Work Tracking Table
A screen where you can track where your customers’ jobs are located. All declarations and accrual receipts (from 2004) received from the e-Declaration system are automatically processed in the work follow-up table in the program. Thanks to the Job Tracking Table, we can easily monitor whether all of our customers’ belongings are given. The Job Tracking Table screen allows you to easily track which statements are given and approved, which statements are pending approval on the system, and which of our customers have never been edited.

Package 2. e-Revenue Administration

Open Internet Tax Office
We provide you to connect to the Internet Tax Office System on behalf of the Member of the profession with a single key or on behalf of the Client. We can do whatever we want in the Internet Tax Department.
Post Information Retrieval and Reporting
With one key, we can record sales information with our customer’s post. We can report the recorded post sales information with the reporting period and the details according to the bank in the desired period interval and the customer basis.
Tax Office Receipt and Reporting
With one button, we can register and report the payment information of all our customers for the desired period (VAT, VAT, VAT, etc.) according to the obligation of the tax office of our customer. According to the Law No. 6111, we can receive and report Income Tax, Institution Tax, Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax Base Increase and debt restructuring according to installments. It also helps us to see all the payments our customers have paid us and not make them do the accounting records according to their payment dates and amounts.
Customs Clearance Statements Reporting
One-Touch allows our customers to receive and report on closure reports of Customs Exit Notices.
Paid Income and Temporary Corporate Tax Report
Taxpayers Payroll We give you a quick report on how much temporary tax reduction we are going to make while organizing the Annual Income and Corporate Tax Declarations of our customers we pay with the menu.
Debt Information Query and Reporting
We can get the information of our customers who want to ask about their debts to the tax office together with the tax types, the delay interest rates according to the periods, and let our client to hand out the current debt status. (Internet Tax Department can only query the debt information of the last year, it is possible to get it from internet tax turnover period through the program)
Debt Questioning of the Tax Office
The receipt of the total debts of the profession or customer to the tax office. In this menu all the information about the debts of the customer to the tax office comes. (VAT, Concise, Temporary Tax, Motor Vehicle Tax, Court Fees, Loan Dormitory Institution Debts, etc.)
Taxpayer Information Notice
With one key you can make Tax Informant Notifications. 2012 Notice of Taxpayer Information Programa This information will not need to be re-entered into the system since it will be saved automatically. You can easily report whether or not the Taxpayer Information Notifications are given, and at what position they are waiting (approval pending or approved).

Package 3. e-Declaration

e-Declaration Entry and XML File Transfers
It allows us to connect to our e-Declaration system without the need to enter a password and to roam among our customers. e-Declaration page, we can easily send the XML files to our system, which we have prepared in our payroll programs, and it is possible to perform approval with one key without the need to enter the password and to download and approve the approved e-declaration and service lists.
Bulk e-Declaration and Service List Download Archive
With one key, we have the opportunity to receive and record all the documents belonging to our customers from the desired period (from 2004). While the service lists are downloaded and archived from the e-Declaration system, the program for entering and leaving work belonging to the personnel registered on the service list at the same time is archived. Whenever we want, it gives the opportunity to reach and print the staff entry-exit reports with one button.
SSK employee Entry-Exit Notifications
It is not possible to reach our customer’s sgk page to enter or leave work without the need of password entry with one key. We have the opportunity to print out examples of entry or exit statements we have made under the program in pdf format, whenever we want.
Bulk e-Declaration, Service List, Worker INPUT / OUTPUT Reporting Printing
With a single key, all the document types belonging to all of our customers can be printed with one button from e-notifications and service lists that have been received since the desired period (from 2004). We may collectively print Workers’ Entry / Exit Notices.
Worker IN / OUT Control with Service List
It is a check that the employee IN / OUTs made through the program are checked whether they are consistent with that month’s service list.
Worker Service List Reports
A screen where individual detailed reports of workers in the service lists downloaded and archived from the e-Declaration System can be retrieved.
Annex 10 Missing Day Notification Form
According to the information on the service lists that are downloaded and archived from the e-Declaration System, the Annex.10 Incomplete Day Notification Form can be automatically prepared and printed.
Job-Setup Monthly Workforce Chart
According to the Service Lists downloaded and archived from the e-Declaration System, you can prepare the Monthly Work Force Schedules and send them to the Business-Kur system.
Work Tracking Table
All the notifications received from the e-Declaration system (from 2004 onward) are automatically processed in the work follow-up table in the program. Thanks to the Job Tracking Table, we can easily monitor whether all the reports belonging to all our customers are given. It enables us to easily monitor which reports have been submitted and approved on the Job Tracking Table screen, and which clients’ reports have never been configured to indicate which reports are awaiting approval in the system.

Package 4. e-SGK Questionnaires and Reports

Receiving SSK Payments
It allows you to get payment information from curriculum cards of all your customers’ SSK system with one key.
SSK Premium Accrual / Payment Report
It ensures the reporting of all our customers’ accrued (premium, ipc) debts and payments to the SSK.
Reporting on SSK Premium Liabilities and Calculation of Late Payment
It is the screen where the debts of our customer to the SSK are reported and the default accounts are set. It is the screen where we can tell the amount of the premium debts and the delay compensation in the date when we will pay our customers.
Receiving Bag-Kur Debt Amounts
Our client can pay for the current debt and automatically run it in the Work Tracking Table.
SGK e-there is no debt Receiving
If we have the authority to receive e-banking online in our e-declaration system for our customer, we can get the certificate by accessing this document with one key from the program. Receiver The document is saved in the program. We have the opportunity to print whenever we want.
Receiving SSK Workers’ Nonobservance Reports and Approving Reports
It is a screen where the reports that the hospitals belonging to workers who work in all customer files with one key are automatically sent to SSK system. If the program detects that these reports have not been received for 3 days, the program will warn you at the opening.
Employee Work Employee Failure (Report) Entry (Old Manual System)
We can only access the employee report entry process on e-notification with one button by selecting the customer.
Unpaid SSK Premium Reports
It allows us to report on our customers’ liabilities to SSK over periods. At the same time, we will receive the amounts to be written as this Law’s Unacceptable Expenses.