By using all the layers of the industry 4.0 we develop adaptive business practices and proprietary technology solutions for the firm and help you to reach the industrial and institutional development opportunities of the 21st Century.

Managment System
In the information sector; to meet the needs of our customers with more efficient, quality, customized solutions by establishing dedication, dynamic transparent and sincere dialogues by combining the advantages of our technical capabilities and teamwork. In addition to our professional approach, we are able to provide the best service in the sector thanks to our strategies and principles by keeping human values ​​in the forefront.

MES performs four basic functions:
Simultaneous data collection (eg barcode scan data).
It organizes and stores the data in a central database.
Includes critical data from other information systems stored in the data such as planning and accounting, ensuring that all data is accessible over the network.
It takes work orders from ERP and organizes them and transfers them to production units. At the same time, the case reacts with concurrent detailed planning to increase productivity and quality.
Benefits of using computer-aided MES
Shorten production turnaround time.
It completely removes or reduces the time spent on data entry.
Production reduces the number of products waiting to be completed.
Removes or reduces the need for documentation between shifts.
Reduce preparation / supply time.
The product improves quality.
It prevents your lost documents.
The factory increases the productivity of its employees.
It improves the planning process.
Improve customer service.
Solution Sectors
Food and Beverage Sector
Natural Products Sector
Textile and Leather Sector
Furniture-Decoration Sector
Electrical and Electronic Products Sector
TV – Media Sector
Construction Sector
Personal Service Sector
Service and Service Sector
Automotive industry
Health sector
Education Sector