In our country, ERP sold documents, Digital technology is flowing. MES (Production Management Systems) applications for collecting production data require a software solution that produces solutions for reading data from CNC, PLC and Sensors. ERP software infrastructures are not designed accordingly.
Another issue is that IOT, sensors and PLCs, which stand out in digital conversion, are not yet known at the level of SME and BOB. On the other hand, cloud-based artificial intelligence and decision-support formation of production data flowing through production will positively affect the production processes and will be highlighted on the world scale.

Digital transformation is the most important problem in our country; the lack of standards, the lack of legal regulatory arrangements. This transformation should not be missed or missed. Opportunities stand in the way. We will continue to be consumers in the world as we will integrate into the world as a supply chain. If we miss the opportunity in this transformation, we will not even have the assembly. Sad but true.


Although we are not trained, we have a human resource available. What is important is what resources we offer. Because digital conversion is not new. Has been on the EU and US agenda for 5 years. Infrastructure studies are over, developing world strategies.

MES (Production Management Systems) applications, inclusion in the supply ecosystem in terms of international opportunities, SME and SMEs engineer, consultant support is very important. Follow-up of production processes; IOT, Sensor, CNC, PLC, automation. This ecosystem; Customer-Producer-Supplier-Logistics-Finance requires the coordination of the five nations.