About Us

After 17 years of experience in digital transformation, our experience as a Joint Venture in the light of knowledge and experience accumulated. We provide solutions to a wide range of industries that we provide to the manufacturing sector. We produce reports with consulting options to the firm as a result of the analysis that we will do in the companies.

We offer solutions from IQVision, which was established to provide comprehensive services for the manufacturing industry under Industry 4.0. Management Consultancy is a service that involves identifying and investigating problems in the fields of business strategy, business methods in private, public and other businesses by independent, knowledgeable and experienced persons or individuals and supporting the implementation of these proposals by making appropriate proposals. It has long provided a useful professional service that helps organizers analyze and solve practical problems they encounter, improve the organization’s performance, learn from the experiences of other managers and organizations, and use new business opportunities. We are advising companies to help them achieve high performance and maintain this performance in an increasingly complex, competitive and challenging environment to provide useful and relevant work, closely monitoring economic and social trends and anticipating changes that can affect your business. Digital Transformation is a troublesome process for many companies in terms of changing the underlying sub-structures and business logic. In this context, as IQVision, we help you to reach the industrial and institutional development opportunities of the 21st Century by putting together the appropriate and correct structure together with you and our solution partners. We develop customer experience, apply automation and optimization processes, develop or update your business model. We aim to create a customer-centric, digital strategy together and deliver you to different successes in the future.

Our Corporate Transformation and Construction Consultancy Activities;

– Management and Management Information Systems Consulting

– Strategic Planning and Strategic Management Consultancy

– Production Consultancy

– Human Resources Consultancy

– Marketing Consultancy

– Purchasing Consultancy

– R & D, Innovation and Idea Management Process Consulting

– Administrative Management Consultancy

– Project Management Consultancy

– Brand and Patent Consulting

– Quality Management Consultancy

– Business Development, Overseas Market Opening Consultancy